Anonymous asked:
will you ever cosplay Ladd again? Because man, yours was the best I've seen so far

I need to get a new suit tailored before I do. But I want to!

Anonymous asked:
Merry Valentine

No stop merry valenting me


people cosplaying awesomely in ohio

Hey! That’s me! (Doflamingo)

And then Law and Doflamingo decide to go at it in the colorful tunnel!


Everything about that last picture..

(Ps im deadpool lol)

Fabulous feathery bastard here! Love that last shot!

Two warlords hanging out can never end well.

Ohayocon is based con! So many awesome cosplays! Rockin the doflamingo hard in these!

Bad decisions

Why do i always start my cosplay way too late

Like seriously i just started i effectively have 36 hours